dimanche, mai 29, 2011

First Aid training

2 weeks ago, I took up a 2 days first aid course with my 3 colleagues. This course was oriented towards working environment as we would be certified (workplace) first aider. The company sponsored the course. But this did not mean that we could not help others in the public.

We were 10 in total and the instructor was a fireman. He had lots of experiences and shared with us many of his life experiences. Accidents could happen anyway, anytime and often in normal circumstances where we least expected it.

The first half day was spent on reading on the slides shows about PREVENTION. It was interesting though most were not applicable for office environment. Examples like wearing protective gears for factory works, not obstructing the corridors and stairways with cartons, reading the notice carefully and following the rules on how to use dangerous machine just to name a few.
After that, we had practical lessons. We were taught how to assess a situation when someone was in trouble. Was there any danger around him? Would it endanger your own life if you go to his help? Was it possible to get him out of the danger? If the surrounding was safe, check if he was bleeding, if not, check if he was choked, if not, check if he was concious and breathing, if not, check if he was unconcious and breathing, if not, .... As we eliminated the options and came to a conclusion, we had to administer the appropriate first aid before the medical team arrived to take over.

On the last day, each of us had a chance to try out giving cardio pulmonary resuscitation CPR to dummies (adult, child and baby). For hygiene purpose, we were given a face for each of the dummies. For the last hour, we did role play. One victim and one rescuer volunteered each time and the instructor came up with a scenario unknown to the rescuer. The instructor used professional make up and he could simulate injuries like amputation of finger, burns, bad cuts, blues. They looked real and it was gore at times. This really helped to enforce our experience in this training.

I am happy with the training as I got to know a new friend whose parents live near my in-laws. But the most important thing I gained is knowing that I could be helpful if my family or strangers need first aid. I felt equiped and confident.

For those who are interested in this area, there is a site at BBC on first aid skills tests. I just tested myself on CPR and it was exactly as I was taught. Try it, you never know, with this little knowledge, you could save lives.

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