samedi, mai 21, 2011

Solo parenting

Our challange for the next few weeks: solo parenting.

As I had written before, I go on work trips at times. Since having baby A2, I had not been on any overnight trips. Well, it is starting again. A new project starts in Helsinki with one of my fav client. It requires a few trips in a span of 2 months. I know that I would enjoy working on this project yet I felt unfair to Seb for having to take care of the boys alone.

So coming monday, Seb would be going to Lille for a day trip meaning he leaves the house really early and comes back late. I would have to wait for the nanny to come at 9am and be home by 6pm. As I have less flexible hours than Seb, I would have to take half a day's leave. I can't reach office at 10am and leave by 5pm. (Peak hour traffic takes me an hour between home and office). Good thing that Seb does not need to travel much now. Or he tries to travel on Wed, the day I don't work.

From Tues to Thurs, I would be heading to Helsinki. I will leave home early and be late home on thurs. As I am working 80% now, I would have my friday off from work.

Then comes the month of June. We will be spending 5 days in Brittany as a family starting from 01 June as we have a long weekend due to the public holiday on 02 June.

In the second and fourth week of June, I will be heading to Helsinki again for 3 and 4 days respectively. On the third week of June, Seb would be away in London for 3 days. I will be taking half day leaves on Tues and Thurs; always the issue of nanny.

Seb and I would take turns to do single parenting in June; him more than me. He is confident that he can manage it. As for me, I am stress over putting the boys to sleep as they both require attention during sleep time.

A friend is asking how we can cope with the coming few weeks. With good organisation, we should do fine. It won't be easy though. We had been lucky in the past year that my mum was here to help out so if one of us was away, the other could cope easily. Now, we are on our own.

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