vendredi, mai 27, 2011

Neighbour's day

Today is neighbour's day and as usual, a gathering was organised for our residence at the gardien's office. Neighbour's day is something recent and this is the third year our residence organised it.
In the evening, people brought along drinks and tibits and cakes and we just mingled around and chatted. I brought toddler A1 along while Seb stayed at home to take care of baby A2 who was sleeping.
I just came back from Helsinki yesterday night and brought a pack of sweets fabricated in Finland. I got to know a few new neighbours and even a neighbour who had been there for a few years but we just never met. We had an interesting conversation. This residence consists of 4 small buildings totalling 99 apartments. With people moving in and out, there are always new faces.
Toddler A1 was shy at first but overcame his shyness fast when he was offered chips and orange juice. He played with some big kids at soccer and when the younger kids arrived later, he run around with them. It was also a good chance to talk to other young parents and exchange tips on where to go and education etc...
One good thing out of this neighbour party is that I now have 2 contacts for baby sittings on weekends. When the kids are older, it would be nice for Seb and I to hang out a bit without them for a evening.

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