dimanche, mars 10, 2013

Merry Go Round

Yesterday we went to Rambouillet which was a town nearby our village. The weather was spring like and everyone was out sitting at the terrace having a drink.
We had afternoon tea, ok, Seb had a glass of wine, I had a beer and the boys had orange juice. I asked the boys if they would like to go on the merry-go-round that was just beside the cafe. They said ok.  A1 never wanted to go on any merry go round but I felt that he had grown up and was curious about this beautiful merry-go-round in the town square.
Seb bought the tickets and for the first time, the boys took a ride on the merry go round. A1 wanted to be on the airplane and A2 chose the horse. We stayed beside the boys. It was a big merry-go-round and the boys had fun. A1 even asked for a second ride. We told him he could only do it once and it was time to go feed bread to the ducks in the castle garden.
The photo below is the said merry-go-round. It was closed when I visited Rambouillet with my friends from Singapore in February. Photo credit goes to Rachel.
When we go to Singapore this summer, I will propose the kiddy rides to A1. He refused it each time. I wonder will he accept it by then. 

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