vendredi, mars 01, 2013

Sonia Delaunay

The two weeks school holidays starts for A1. As usual, the teacher gave the parents the children's workbooks.
I am impressed with what they learn in school. Apart from the usual drawing horizontal and vertical lines; grouping images; coloring the différences etc..they had interesting experiments. One was playing in the snow and observing the frozen state of water. Then melting the snow. And freezing the snow in the freezer to get back to ice state.
 Recently, the teacher brought a little mouse to the class and everyone observed what the mouse was doing in its cage. Suggestions were given on what the mouse ate and the children experimented by feeding the mouse with suggested food. They then noted down what the mouse liked and disliked. In the end, they came up with three names and voted for the name 'Curieux' (Curious).
I saw this nice painting by A1 in his workbook. I do not know how much help he received but it was nice. The caption said 'Observing the master pièces of Sonia Delaunay and creating in one own's manner'.
I googled 'Sonia Delaunay' and realised she was an artist who used strong colours and geometric shapes. These 3 and 4 year old kids were exposed to arts at such a young age. I discovered an artist through my son.  
For my first Christmas in France, my sister in law gave me a book titled 'Petite encyclopédie de la Peinture' (Small encyclopedia of paintings). Then, my knowledge of arts were limited to what I learnt during those weekly hour of art lesson in Singapore. Over the years, I had learnt to appreciate arts more with visits to the abundance museums here. From now, I think I will learn more from my sons school work.  

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Parenting can be a very nice journey isn't it. (KC)

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