jeudi, mars 28, 2013

Two more bags

I made another two bags last week. The one below is a grab bag. It was not difficult to make. The finished bag was stiff as I used interface instead of craft fleece as indicated. It was my first attempt using iron on interface. I will make another grab bag but without the interface. I think the fabric is sturdy enough.

There are four pockets inside the grab bag.
I made a bag for my boy. It was supposed to be a 30mins boy messager bag. I thought: 'Great, just 30mins.' So when the boys slept, I started working on it at 9pm. At midnight, I was only half way through. I continued the next day. The bag below took me 5hours in total to make it. I find the front pocket too shallow. The next time, I will make it bigger. But I wonder when the next time will be.  

I am taking a break at the moment. I will most probably start making a new bag next week. Will post it once done.

3 commentaires:

MomiJJ a dit…

My dear, these are lovely bags. Will I get one too?

Anonyme a dit…

i like the messager bag, especially its print. where do you get such interesting theme prints? btw, can your machine sew on soft / synthetic leather? (KC)

sohcool a dit…

MomiJJ, Yes, you can have a bag if you cook me a meal. :) Bag for food exchange.

KC, thanks. I get the prints from a fabric shop in France. It was not expensive. Funny thing is in Singapore, there is a shop selling bags with fabrics from France and it was really expensive. And over in France, its fabrics from Japan that are sought after and therefore, expensive. I have no idea if my machine can sew leather. I guess so if the material is not too thick and I have the right needle and thread.