vendredi, mars 15, 2013

Sewing bags

I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas and Father Christmas granted my wish. As a novice, I started making five stones. It was really easy. I will do a post about that later.
Now I am into bags. I found some interesting sites with free tutorials on making bags. Thank God for generous people who make an effort to share their talents on internet.
This is the first bag I did. As promised in the tutorial, it took an hour. I spent more time shopping for fabrics. It is not very practical to carry but I like that pocket in front. I use it to go to the library or to fetch A1 from school.
I bought a book titled 'Me and my sewing machine'. The book showed how to do stitches and hems and seams. At the end, there were various projects. I chose to do the bag illustrated and had done five of such little grocery bags. I love the colorful fabrics.

I also did a foldable grocery bag and had given that away before I took a photo. I have printed two other bag patterns and will try them out. I do not need all these bags and will surely give these bags away as gifts to friends. My mum-in-law requested for a beach bag. I hope to find a beach theme fabric and get it done by summer. Hopefully.... 
Sewing is fun.

4 commentaires:

MomiJJ a dit…

The bag are so well-done. I will love to have one too. OK?

sohcool a dit…

No problem. Let me brush up my skills and get one done for you as your children's day gift. ;)

Unknown a dit…

wow! i am very surprised you started to learn how to sew. hehehheheeh


Unknown a dit…

wow. i am very impressed you picked up sewing! i have not done much except for mending stuff nowadays!! keep up the good work! ;)