vendredi, avril 08, 2016

A2's Paw Patrol Party

While preparing for A1's 7th birthday party, I realised that I had not posted about A2's last birthday party. So here is a post for memory's sake.

Last year, A2 asked for Paw Patrol's theme for his birthday party. From internet, I got free templates to print out paper containers for the sweets. I made dog balloons and put them in a box for adoption. At the gate, I put up a sign board saying "beware of nice dogs" in French.
For activities and games, they were the usual stuff like "Pin a badge" on Marshall, throwing water balloons to help Marshall put out the fire and making balloon dog heads. The boys played with cars and balloon swords while a few kids made necklaces out of beads. 

 The boys run around in the garden playing rugby.
 Food wise, I made dog bone biscuits with the names of the kids and a cake decorated with M&Ms. 
A2 was pampered by his friends. He had presents ranging from Paw Patrol figurines to Playmobil and Lego toys. The only disappointment was not having a pinata. I promised him I would make one the next time. I was not motivated to make it.

When the party was over, A2 gave his friends each a doggie bag with goodies and sweets. That wrapped up the party for my 5 year old.

In two weeks time, I shall write about A1's birthday party. It has to do with Captain Amercia. Yes, there will be a pinata. It is under construction.

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