jeudi, avril 21, 2016

The Captain America birthday party

We celebrated A1's birthday on Saturday with his friends. There was a total of eight children. 
A1 chose the theme Captain America and we made a pinata togather out of cupboard.
We home made the invitation cards too. I cut and he pasted as he could not cut the circles well. I also made Captain America masks for the kids from felt. It was not difficult and as usual, I found template from internet.

Here was A1 posing for me while waiting for his friends to arrive.
As the weather was cloudy and windy, we had the party in the house. Seb organised the games. He took a big floor puzzle and hid the 24 pieces upstairs. The kids went in pairs to look for the puzzles and pieced them togather. They had a good time working togather as a team.

We then put the kids all in the guest room except one. He/She had to hide A1's favourite soft toy and the others had to look for it. Each kid took turn hiding it. When the kids came out of the room to look for the toy, they were running and shouting in excitement. 
We played other games like passing a ball in a circle with a kid outside the circle randomly shouting 'Patate'. The kid with the ball would be out of the game. This continued until all but one kid was left.
There was also a game on bursting the balloons by sitting on it. This created lots of laughter too.

When the grey clouds passed by, we quickly went to the garden to break the pinata. Everyone took turns and shared the goodies in the pinata.

At the table, the kids put on their masks and sang birthday songs in different languages. French, English, Chinese and Portuguese. I baked a chocolate tart and decorated it to make it look like the Captain America shield. There were strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and mashmallows. In the middle was a star shaped goat cheese. None of the kids wanted the cheese so I took it off and put it back in the fridge.

For once, A1 did not receive Lego or Playmobil. He had a 350 pieces puzzles and we completed it in 2 evenings. He also had a Frisbee ball, a few books, 2 board games, a transformer toy and an art and craft activity.
My boy was happy with his party. So were his friends as feedbacked by the mothers. This sunday, we would celebrate his birthday with the grandparents.

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