samedi, avril 16, 2016

Kapla fun

In A1's room, there are often Kapla planks lying around. A1 loves playing with his Kapla and always asked for more so that he can build bigger things. Since he received his first 200 planks, we had added another 200 coloured planks on his birthday and on Christmas. 
These are two examples of his work. Sometimes he combines other toys in his creations.
Below is a city with a small entrance guarded by a Playmobil motorist in front of a Playmobil laptop. There wasa zoo, the Eiffel Tower made of Duplo bricks, a train station and a big parking. The two containers were toilets.  

 This is another of his creation. He held up a plank as he wanted to show how a Kapla plank looked like.
His creation could only last a few days because every monday morning, the boys have to tidy up their rooms before going to school. The cleaning lady comes on monday and would expect the floor to be cleared of toys so she can do her job. 
When I do housework, I would just navigate around his creations. It is often a challenge just to walk in his room. 

If you need ideas on toys, go for Kapla. It is worth it.

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