vendredi, avril 22, 2016

Easter weekend

For this Easter, the boys were three times lucky. They went egg hunting at the neighbour's place on Saturday, at the grandparents' place on Sunday and at my friend's place on Monday.
Here, they were hunting eggs with 5 other friends. I am glad that 3 mothers whose kids are in the same class as A1 have become my close friends. We tend to organise activities togather for our kids. 
The kids each received a 250gram of Kinder Surprise. That was huge.

On Sunday, it was at the grandparents' place for eggs hunting. They were becoming expert.
As usual, the loot was shared equally among the four cousins. I bought a cake for the dessert as it was so pretty with the Easter theme.

On Monday, we had a singaporean ladies gathering. The bunch of French-Singapore kids had fun looking for chocolate eggs. A1 being the expert found a huge Kinder Surprise. I had a good time catching up with the ladies. It was not easy to find a date where most of us could make it.

With so much Kinder chocolate, I actually made a cake out of one of them. The boys liked it. It had almost been a month since Easter. We still have a basket of chocolate. Time to make another Kinder chocolate cake soon.

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