jeudi, janvier 12, 2017

Bangkok, Thailand

I just noticed that this post was in my draft. I uploaded the photos few months ago and totally forgot to post about the Bangkok trip.

We took the public transport including the ferry along the Chao Phraya to visit Wat Pho temple. This was my second visit to Bangkok after 20 years. I am sure I visited this temple but it was still impressive to see the reclining Buddha. The boys pointed out Buddha each time they saw one. There were Buddha everywhere.

We also visited the National Museum and came upon a German/English guide. As we were the only family visiting on a Thursday morning, the guide tried to explain in English and in his limited French to the boys. Other than us, there were students on field trip and a few visitors here and there. This place was peaceful and the funeral chariot hall was full of interesting and beautifully crafted objects.

Having my mother with us, we visited markets as well and even had durians right there sitting on a bench while the guys (Seb, my nephew, A1 and A2) waited patiently for us. None of them like durians. Too bad for them.

Below are some photos of that long away trip. We won't be visiting Asia this year. Hopefully next year, we can celebrate Chinese New Year in Singapore.

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