dimanche, janvier 22, 2017

It is colder

2017 started on a cold note. The average temperature for the past two weeks was between -5 to 4 degrees. This week, though it was very cold, it was sunny and dry. The fireplace worked hard and we had almost used up our supply of wood. The same amount saw us through last winter.This year, we would need double. Seb is going to order more wood.

A2's room is facing north and in the evening, his room was 15degrees. We had to use the portable heater to boost up the temperature to 18degrees. This is the recommended temperature for bedrooms.

The boys had football practice on friday evening with the temperature at 3 degrees. There was no snow. Unlike 2013 where the garden was covered in snow and we would built a snowman.

Speaking of snow, we are heading to the mountains to ski. Hoping to get plenty of fresh snow but not snow storm.

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