dimanche, janvier 22, 2017

Food note

As mentioned before, in french school, all children have the same lunch. This is the weekly menu of the department 78 we live in. There is a starter, a main with side, milk product like cheese and ending with dessert. 
The children are encouraged to try new food. They can ask for more serving if there is extra after everyone is served. On the thurday of that week, there was raclette. I was sure the boys would enjoy their lunch and they did!

A1 is choosy with cake and biscuits. He like me, does not like chocolate. He does like chouquettes. On new year's eve, my friend brought chouquettes over. She told me it was easy to make them with the thermomix. I found the receipe online and tried it out. Indeed, it was easy. The boys finished them up over dinner and next day's breakfast. There were 4 leftovers as they had the least sugar on them.

While writing this post, I found the receipe in english (non Thermomix). Try out this easy to do pastry here.

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