lundi, janvier 02, 2017

Cold new year

2016 ended on a cold note. It did not snow but it frosted. The temperature for the past few days was a few degrees below zero. 

We went out to the forest to walk the dog as usual but other than that, we kept warm at home. 
On new year's eve, we invited two families to celebrate with us. They are my neighbours and did not have to worry about drink and drive. They walked home at 1.30am.

The kids stayed up until the guests were gone. The next day, A1 woke up at 9am. That is the latest he can sleep. 

A start of a new year. Hoping this year to be good to everyone in terms of health, family and work. You and me included.

Frozen webs here and there. Just lovely. This was on the wood shed.

The forest turned white.

The boys using their bicycles to break the ice.

Kapla fun that reached the sky.
When it fell, it made loud noise.

Handsome warming up. He enjoyed his forest run even in this cold.

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