lundi, juillet 26, 2004

Any comments?

Yeah yeah. I received a few comments today. And the commenters were commenting on my 'mistakes'. Yeah, I know we don't boil durian seeds in Singapore. More likely we do that for jackfruit seeds. But then, I was referencing from and maybe there are really other countries and people who boil the seeds of durian.
Still, it feels good to receive comments. At least I know someone out there is reading my blog.

BTW, the durians were all eaten and I already regret not taking Seb's advise of buying 2 packets. I have to add this to my list of 'things to do in Singapore' when I visit next year; eat durians, lots of durians!

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Torti a dit…

I did ponder if the ang mos from got the fruit "durian" correct cos as Chinese (being the "experts" all this while) eating the durians didn't even know that the seeds can be eaten. After doing a little research, here's what I found. Durian seeds can indeed be eaten when cooked!! But mind you, it can be toxic and carcinogenic when eaten raw!!


So maybe you should consume every bit of your durian (including the seeds) so as not to waste your S$4 for each pc! With that price you paid for that 6pcs, you can eat until lao sai when you return to SG! But alas, the durians nowadays are loaded with pesticides and said to be injected with steroids to yield durians all year round. So if you ever buy whole fruit, don't even make and drink salt water from the husk. It's hazardous to health ;)

We can have durian party when you return the next time round *LOL*

Torti a dit…

Now I'm finally starting to blog, thanks to you!
Lots of lengthy rubbish, come and read if you have the time ;)