samedi, juillet 24, 2004

Chinatown, j'adore.

About once a month, I will make my pilgrimage to Chinatown in the 13th district of Paris. And today is that day of the month. I need to replenish my mee-hoon, udon noodles, tub of miso soup paste and get myself a little treat of roasted meat.

So, we took Metro line 13 and changed to line 9 and then changed to line 7. You can tell by all these changes that Chinatown is not exactly near where I live.

Today, there were fresh durians on display. I usually see them in the frozen corner. What a nice surprise. It did not end there. I spotted fresh durian pulps wrapped like those found in NTUC supermarket in Singapore. To Seb's dismay, he knew that I had to get my hands on them. After all, I am a true Singaporean and I do miss durians so much. So, I happily chose one pack of 6 durian pulps. It cost 19.50 euro per Kg. And I paid 11.50 euro for my pack. It is no XO or D24 quality but it is good enough for me in this foreign place where Roquefort is to me like durian is to Seb. So every pulp I eat cost me about SG$ 4. That is enough to buy a whole durian of this quality in Singapore.

<>What is durian? What is Roquefort? According to,
- Durian = huge fruit native to southeastern Asia `smelling like Hell and tasting like Heaven'; seeds are roasted and eaten like nuts
- Roquefort = A highly flavored blue-molded cheese, made at Roquefort, department of Aveyron, France.

So you can tell that Seb and I have a world's apart taste for food. The differences does not end there. There are others as well but I will stop at that today. I need to go brush my teeth because Seb will not talk to me now.

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eternal__sunshine a dit…
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eternal__sunshine a dit…

hey interesting blog entries =)
i had my durian for $1 at my neighbourhood stall(!!!)
yap $1 for about 5 seeds. bitter ones i love.
btw-- durian seeds are not edible.. not even when fried.
that fruit u're talking abt is jack fruit.

Torti a dit…

I agree with eternal sunshine. It sounds more like jackfruit than anything else! For a moment, I was still thinking "durian seeds can be eaten meh?"