jeudi, juillet 29, 2004

Singapore - Newsflash

Interestingly today, I read 2 news articles where Singapore was mentioned. Though I am far and away, I still try to read the interactive Straits Times every now and then. And today, something trival caught my attention. Seb will say I read news that are not 'important'. But hey, I do keep myself updated with current affairs. The thing is, not many people are interested to discuss current affairs with me.

Well, to continue, there was this study on people taking slimming pills in SE Asia. And Singaporeans top the rank. I have no need to pop slimming pills so I was surprised to see this result. If you are interested, click here.

The next article comes from BBC. See, I told you, I do read serious news. Again, there was a study; this time on kids who are more prone to short sightedness. Guess what, it was reported that 80% of 18-year-old male army recruits are short sighted, compared with 25% just 30 years ago. If you are interested to read more, click here.

So, are we in the news for the wrong reason? If I'm not a Singaporean and I do read these, I will conclude that all Singporeans wear glasses and are fat. Tell me if I'm wrong. Maybe I'm half wrong cos though I wear glasses, I never thought of popping slimming pills.

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eternal__sunshine a dit…

not only do we pop a lot of slimming pills,
we deny that we do (i think)
plus the recent (recent months) overcrowding
ADs on bust enhancement. !!! it makes me
wonder-- are we all about fats & boops??