vendredi, juillet 23, 2004

The customer is always right

I bought a blouse from UCB on my birthday last month. It was the sale's season in France.

After my first wash, I found 3 small holes in my blouse. One at the bottom back, one on the shoulder and one on the left sleeve. What a lousy quality!

Did I just throw this blouse away? Did I just let the matter rest? Did I tell myself how unfortunate I am to get this? Oh course, not. Instead, with no receipt as I had thrown it away with my credit card receipt, I went for an exchange. I have a right after all. Have you ever buy a new blouse and find three holes in them after one wear and wash? This blouse is obviously faulty.

So, did I get the exchange? Of course not. Not on my first visit, at least. The manager sympathised with me. I'm not sure if it was due to my broken french or because I looked really disappointed. He told me that if I can show him my bank statement, I will be able to exchange it. So, last Thurs, I went back to UCB. And this time, I did get my exchange. Isn't it nice?

This friend of mine told me the chances of getting my blouse exchanged is slim. ha Let me share with you what makes me so absolute sure I will get the exchange.

In Singapore, this friend of mine ordered a bed frame for her new home. She wanted a peach color but there was no more stock and so she had no choice but to choose a apple green one. She then re-painted her room to match the apple green bed frame. On the delivery day, guess the colour of the bed frame. It was peach. ha The story ended with the guys from the furniture coming to her place and painting her room back to the original color to match the peach. All complimentary of the furniture shop since they made a mistake. So, tell me now. Isn't customer always right?

2 commentaires:

eternal__sunshine a dit…

classic case!

Torti a dit…

Wondering who's her friend in this classic case? That's me! And my dear sohcool, you got the colours all wrong *LOL*!

I certaily think your chances are slim, but that's if it's in SG, but I did say Paris do stand a bigger chance ;P

The saying "customers are always right" has a stronger holding in ang mo countries, but has not made it's firm standing here yet.

Anyway, I'm glad that you did get yourself a brand new blouse!